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One More Way is pleased to invite all corporations and businesses both large and small to become hiring members of our collaborative to help drive up employment for persons with disabilities across America.

The Sierra Group Foundation is pleased to include your organization in our one-million-member strong collaborative.  Together we can be the catalyst to drive up employment for people with disabilities!

Your hiring membership demonstrates your commitment to diversity and disability AND, entitles you to access valuable membership benefits and connections such as the ability to:

Benefits of Membership Include:

Reason #1: JOB BOARD - Unlimited access to our candidate JOB BOARD - . This one of a kind Job Board allows all of us to ‘come together to do together what we cannot do alone’. Get connected to candidates and local resources. The right people, the right time, the right job with the right supports.

Reason #2: FIND OTHER MEMBERS - "Search for One More Way" search engine – this member focused disability and employment search engine, powered by Google cuts through the vast information available on the web, and connects our members to one another for services, for jobs, and for candidates.

Do you want your organization and information to be included in the Search for One More Way search engine?  Submit your website to the collaborative.

Reason #3. : Education, Information and More.  Our motto, BE SEEN, BE HEARD, BE HIRED applied to our member groups of job seekers with disabilities including veterans, business professionals including recruiting, HR and compliance professionals, and of course, vocational rehabilitation professional across the country! 

In order to have our messages HEARD, and to have more Americans with DISABILITIES be hired, we need to be SEEN.  The One More Way Collaborative was launched in 2008 with these reasons in mind. 

Members of OneMoreWay learn about industry changes, events, and more via MEMBER communications, and offers to participate in targeted learning opportunities:

LEARN AT YOUR DESK - Timely professional learning opportunities through Tele-seminars - Sharing information, knowledge and connections is what we do. One More Way tele-seminars expedite the exchange of ‘knowledge’ to our members and our guests. Drawing upon the industry acclaimed expertise of our presenters, these low cost, high impact seminars allow our members to learn at their desks!

"One More Way to drive up employment for Americans with disabilities, including veterans.". To sponsor a Tele-seminar or request a topic.

Reason #4: FINANCIAL INCENTIVES - Learn about and access information on current Employment Incentives when hiring or retaining a person with a disability  - Finding national and local financial incentives for hiring from this protected class can be complicated , but not for visitors of The Sierra Group Foundation’s Employment Incentives web portal. Information, forms and reference materials are easy to find and download.

Visit to see all federal incentives, and state/regional incentives for 16 states. (new states are added regularly – to sponsor a state or tell us about a new incentive opportunity.

Additionally, One More Way is a great way to SHARE AND GROW. Free Membership in our million member strong collaborative lets you communicate with experts in the field of employment and disability. And for job candidates; we think we have what you’re looking for and we are eager to share!

Join One More Way as a Hiring Member

Holding true to our collaborative spirit, the Foundation sponsors the exchange of agency resources and job information among all members. Hiring members are highlighted for their commitment to diversity and disability in the workplace.

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One More Way is an ‘open source’ program of The Sierra Group Foundation, a 501C(3) non-profit organization dedicated to driving up employment for Americans with Disabilities, including veterans.